Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY projects

I am a terrible DIY craft person. I see all of these awesome ideas and pictures of things people turn their old stuff into and think that I can do that, someday. Sometimes I will even gather the things to do the project, but alas, I never get around to doing it. I can’t be the only person like this, can I?

Because of my greenie nature, I embrace the idea of reuse and turning things into something else. However, I have to wonder when people have time to do these projects.  Furthermore, where do they get all of the froo-foo frilly stuff they decorate their projects with? I don’t just have things like that around my house. No, I don’t have a jar of buttons somewhere, and I don’t have scrap ribbons lying around, or pieces of fabric. Do many people have these things or do they specifically go and buy new things to be able to remake something?

It sounds strange but these thoughts and questions occur to me more than once a week. It’s not that I can’t do these projects. I consider myself fairly creative and am not shy with a hammer.
However, in all of this, I wonder if I am not just a bit jealous. Not of the cute things that come out of these projects but of the time that these DIY folks seem to have. In the meantime, I think I will just keep trying to consume less, and recycle what I can’t donate.

Tell me, do you pin to boards on Pinterest and actually get around to doing these projects?