Monday, November 25, 2013

We Can Decorate!!

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s always fun to see the different seasonal decorations.

I’m someone who enjoys finding creative ways to decorate, which might explain why the picture on the right caught my attention.

I like this idea, because the main components are aluminum and tin cans, and it just so happens that these are in abundance during the Thanksgiving season.

Not only does this create another use for metal cans, it provides a fun craft for the family. And, as an added bonus, it’s not complicated!!

To prepare the cans, you remove the labels, wash the cans, and get a color of paint that coordinates with your decorating theme. Then, use your imagination!! You end up with a new Thanksgiving decoration that’s made from recyclable materials!!

Fun Fact about Aluminum Cans: According to the Waste Management Website, Americans currently discard about 2.7 million tons of aluminum each year.

Recycling cans can save up to 74% of the energy used to initially produce them.

And before recycling the cans, what's a better way to reuse them than by decorating?!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Thanksgiving season!